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What is a stretch palette?

A Stretch pallet is made of transparent and highly expandable material called pallet stretch rolls for bundling and supporting goods on pallets. They are used to bind items together for packaging, shipping, and storage by wrapping them around goods or products

Stretch pallets are transparent and flexible rolls wrapped around goods or parcels to protect them from environmental elements. Their use is ideal for protecting and preserving your products.

What are the uses of the stretch palette?

  • Packaging
  • Protecting goods from breakage
  • or slipping
  • Consolidation of goods in one
  • place

    What are the advantages of the stretch palette?

  • high flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Weather protection
  • 100% recyclable
  • economical material
  • use basket
  • Resistant to various liquids

    What are the types of stretch palettes?

    The kind of stretch pallet is selected based on the type and surface of the goods or products
    Stretch palette size 17 micron suitable for lightweight and medium size products
    23-micron stretch ballet is suitable for heavy and sharp products
    Nova Plus International Trading Company manufactures custom rolled stretch pallets for packaging goods to meet your needs and requirements, and other types are available upon your request.

    Stretch palette gauges

    Nova Plus International Trading Company produces roll-stretch palettes of different types and shapes, including:
  • The type used in food protection has a standard thickness is 8-9 microns, a width of 30-45cm, and a length of 200-250-300m.
  • Stretch palette jumbo type, the thickness of 8-9 microns, length 1500-4500-6000 m.
    Units per package:
  • 30 cm width: 20 units,
  • Width 45 cm: 16 units

Importing stretch palette from Turkey

Nova Plus for International Trade provides services for exporting products from Turkey to any country in the world, including packaging products, especially in our article, the Stretch Pallet product, which is manufactured and supplied from Turkey and in the private name of our customers

For more information about prices, import methods from Turkey, shipping and customs clearance, please contact us

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