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What is Stretch Wrap

Transparent, extremely extensible materials called pallet stretch wraps are used to bundle and support merchandise on pallets. They are used to bind items together for packaging, shipping, and storage by wrapping them around the objects.

What can I use stretch wrap

  1. Packaging
  2. protection
  3. Mounting items on pallets

What are the advantages of stretch wrap covers

  1. Flexible
  2. High clarity
  3. Weather resistant
  4. 100% recyclable
  5. Economic material
  6. Easy application
  7. Tear resistant

What kinds of types of stretch wrap pallet

Pallet wraps should be chosen based on the type and surface of the products

  1. 17 micron stretch film wrap suitable for lightweight and medium sized products
  2. 23 micron stretch film wrap suitable for heavy and sharp products
  3. nova plus produces custom sized pallet wrap stretch to meet your needs and demands. Also Jumbo pallet stretch films are available on 1500 meter or longer on your request.
nova plus international trading

Stretch Films

what is stretch films?

Stretch films are transparent, elastic textiles that are wrapped around food to shield it from environmental elements. It is the perfect material to preserve the freshness and cleanliness of your food.

Measures of Stretch Films

nova plus produces stretch films in standart measures for daily usage and jumbo type of stretch wraps for industrial usage. We can produce custom stretch wraps in any width and thickness on your request.

Measures of standart food stretch; thickness 8-9 micron, width 30-45 cm, length 200-250-300 m.

Measures of Jumbo food stretch; thickness 8-9 micron, length 1500-4500-6000 m.

Units per package :

  1. 30cm width: 20 units,
  2. 45cm width: 16 units
nova plus international trading

Our Services:

Nova plus offers all of the above services as we can produce and supply packing tapes in the required sizes to meet your exact needs and specifications.
All you have to do is contact us and we will respond quickly

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