Who We Are

With many years of experience in the field of import and export and hard work, and thanks to God, Nova Plus international trading has been able to establish itself as a leading company among the export companies in Turkey and has gained a good reputation among its customers.
And because satisfying our customers was the paramount goal, we were able, with God's help, to gain the trust of our dear customers and climb the ladder of achievements to reach what we have. And it reached in the fields of shipping and exporting from Turkey to all countries of the world.
  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Safety
  • Reliance
nova plus international trading



Our goals

Nova Plus international trade exports its products all over the world whether the goods are its own production, self-made or ready-made, connects importers with factories, completes all formalities, and finishes all legal formalities without burdening you with any details.

It is known that Turkey competes well with the largest global markets, in the areas of production and manufacturing, and at the level of competitive prices as well, but there are many opportunities that have not been taken advantage of,
Nova Plus international trading allows you to take advantage of the many opportunities available in your country.
Hence, Nova Plus appeared as an alternative that produces and exports the products it manufactures, and in other stages, it connects traders and investors wishing to import from Turkey, and from it we will provide all the requirements that investors desire and guarantee that. Get results through a professional team in the field of international trade

More about us

Our mission at Nova Plus is very clear: to provide quality service to our valued customers. Our team never hesitates to do whatever is necessary to show each project the attention it deserves. All shipments will be documented and photographed to ensure transparency among our customers, and we are confident that we will provide you with the service you are looking for. Call us now for more information or email us, we are always there for you

  • Detergentexport of all types
  • Packagingpackaging for various goods
  • Plastic HouseholdPlastic products and manufacture
  • Dispensing Pumpdispensing pump for bottle

What we Want Until 2024

Nova Plus International Trade seeks to raise its production and spread within the Arab and European markets


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