Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid(LABSA)

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is the largest-volume synthetic surfactant because of its relatively low cost, good performance, the fact that it can be dried to a stable powder and the biodegradable environmental friendliness as it has straight chain. LAS is an anionic surfactants with molecules characterized by a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic group. 

Surfactants are widely used in the industry needed to improve contact between polar and non-polar media such as between oil and water or between water and minerals. 

Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid is mainly used to produce household detergents including laundry powders, laundry liquids, dishwashing liquids and other household cleaners as well as in numerous industrial applications like as a coupling agent and as an emulsifier for agricultural herbicides and in emulsion polymerization.

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Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid(LABSA)

Other Names Dodecyl alkylbenzene sulfonlie
CAS No. 27176-87-0
Chemical Name linear-Alkylbenzenesulfonic Acid
Molecular Formula/MF C18H30O3S
EINECS No. 248-289-4
HS Code 29029030
Classification Organic Chemicals
Grade Standard Anionic Surfactant
Appearance Brown Liquid
PackageIn bulk
MOQ 20 ton
Place of Origin Fushun
Loading Port Dalian

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