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The high demand on the Turkish market made the Turkish market a desirable market, but the lack of information and its lack of credibility, we have written a summary of the most frequently asked questions about import and export from Turkey

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Frequently asked questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions how to import from Turkey

We will not hide from you that importing from Turkey has many difficulties, but thanks to the facilities offered by Turkey, it has made it easy for all Arab and foreign importers and investors.
We are all sure that Turkish products have a high quality compared to countries such as China and Japan, and in fact this is what distinguishes them from other countries, in addition to the high demand and popularity within the Arab markets, making the Turkish market a desirable and feasible market for Arab and foreign markets

Of course, many questions arise in your mind, including where you should start, what you need to import, and can you order a product, and the shipment will be fully tracked down to the container and then to your country. In fact, we have collected the most common questions that can help you at the beginning of your way to import from Turkey
But before you start, you must know all the procedures and conditions that will allow you to import goods without problems and here we will help you with God’s help. We will solve all the problems and provide you with all the information you need to make your import project successful.
Please be sure that we will help you and do not delay your contact with us

How to monitor the quality standards of import companies?

If you do not have sufficient experience in examining your imported goods, you can use some of the companies to inspect and inspect goods that examine the extent to which companies and factories are observing and manipulating quality standards, where we at Nova Plus do this, where you can start importing small quantities of goods even You know the market more and sell it faster, which gives you a greater incentive to import from Turkey, and one of the very important things that some people neglect is not to mention the country of origin or the source of origin, which leads to the rejection of your goods in customs and you will be charged with a fine, so you must import small quantities at the beginning

How to find the best companies and factories to import from Turkey?

Frankly, we will not mention the names of companies to import and export from Turkey, but we will give you what is more important than that, which are conditions that must be met by the company that you will deal with, including: When contracting with them
After you know the type of goods you want, contact Nova Plus, we will give you all the details about the products you want, and you must also specify the required quantity, because the more pieces of goods required, the lower the cost and the price varies, and some companies offered low prices to attract you to them

What are the best companies to import from Turkey?

Of course, I searched on the Internet and are sure that you will find dozens of companies specialized in this import from Turkey to all countries. Of course, if you want the offers of each company, you have to communicate with them and wait for sending the offers of hardship and compare them between the companies to find out which company has a better price in fact. We will save you this matter and we Providing a great offer by guaranteeing to give you the best prices and products and to track them down to your country, in addition to that support if the goods face any problems related to the Turkish side

How do you send us the type of goods you want to import?

After selecting the product, all you have to do is contact us and send details like product picture, weight, size, type, uses...
So that we at Nova Plus can get the product and give you all the details you need in your investment and import from Turkey. All you have to do is send an email or call us at any account of Nova Plus for Import and Export.

Importing from Turkey by traveling there:

If you want to travel to Turkey, we at Nova Plus International Trade will check your products and provide all the official papers you need to deliver your goods to your country legally and comfortably.

What are the best profitable goods to import from Turkey?

In fact, we will not be able to tell you what you should buy, but you should decide what you want, as each country has its own trade and investors, but you should know that Turkish goods in all its forms and types are very desirable in all sectors.

How to sell and market imported goods?

Of course, in our time, digital marketing has become an indispensable necessity and it is very profitable for any field, whether it is a store or an importer, and one of the ways is to sell to shops and malls

How can I contact Nova Plus?

There are many ways to communicate with us, either by e-mail, WhatsApp, or message on any of the social media accounts. Of course, you can visit us at the company's headquarters in Turkey

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