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The plastic roll is one of the essential kitchen tools in every home. It has multiple uses between packaging and preserving foods inside and outside the house, to maintaining the cleanliness of the refrigerator with ease by wrapping the shelves. The plastic roll is also used to prevent liquids from leaking when traveling and traveling, and it also preserves the items. From breakage, whether glassware or vases, these uses and many more make plastic roll a necessity in daily life, for this reason, the Roll Box Store provides you with economical and economical transparent packaging, safe for food, with excellent transparency and high quality.

Nowadays, rolls of packaging materials are one of the traded and commonly used products in the packaging industry. There are many different types of plastic wrap rolls, and each type has many different uses. Packaging rolls of all kinds can help people in their lives. Because the high-quality packaging rolls are characterized by convenient transportation, insulated against sunlight and other factors, and resistant to blows and shocks. In this study, we intend to clarify and clarify the types of packaging rolls.

Features of food wrapping roll

  • High transparency
  • Keeps foods hot
  • It is used in food packaging
  • self adhesive
  • It protects food from contamination
  • Type : Packaging
  • Brand: Private Label

Food Packaging Roll Measurements

The transparent packaging roll consists of two sizes:

  • 30 cm width and length of the roll 25 meters
  • 45 cm width and length of roll 25 meters

Tips for using a food packaging roll (nylon roll) in the kitchen:

To wrap food in most of the food preparation steps, as it covers the dough that needs fermentation or wraps the dishes that need to form food.

  • It keeps foods from getting so-called ice burn, where foods burn if they are exposed to a low temperature while they are exposed, similar to burning food.
  • It is used to wrap foods to be frozen in the refrigerator (freezer) instead of placing them in bowls or dishes in order to save volume and space in the refrigerator with multi-size wrappers. This feature provides you with the freedom to choose the size you prefer to use in your kitchen according to different sizes
  • Food wrapping nylon is available. These wraps have a box with a serrated blade or knife to make it easier to cut the required space from the nylon.

Types of wrapping roll (stretch)

  • Thermal wrapping rolls
  • PVC plastic roll
  • Stretch plastic wrapping roll
  • Cellophane rolls for packing
  • bubble roll
  • opp, cpp, bopp . rolls
  • Shrink wrapping rolls

What is a thermal food wrapping roll?

Thermal packaging roll is used for packaging all products after exposure to suitable temperatures. The use of heat in the nylon shrink wrap causes the plastic ends of the products to collect when packaging. Most of the time, the thermal shrink nylon is used in packaging bottles of mineral water, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer.

This nylon has the feature of sticking to the dish or the material to be wrapped, which prevents food from leaking out of the dish

This nylon prevents odors from escaping to the rest of the materials in the refrigerator

Shrink PVC Film:

As you know PVC shrink roll is divided into two different types, meaning, PVC soft shrink roll and dry shrink roll which have high shrinkage resistance. Dry shrink wrap is usually used for packaging plates, pharmaceutical and electrical products, foodstuffs, construction products, chemicals, soft drink labels, mineral water, and ketchup. Soft shrink wrap is also used for the manufacture of industrial packaging and refrigeration.

Roll Wrapping:

Stretch packaging rolls are one of the commonly used plastic products, as most factories need them in the implementation of their production line. So, stretch wrap types are considered a vital and important part of the packaging industry and laboratories. The stretch roll is divided into two main parts: 1- Food grade silicone 2- Stretch synthetic silicone (stretch palette).

Food grade cellophane:

Food stretch cellophane or food wrapping roll as its name suggests is used for food packagings such as meat packaging, chicken packaging, fish and seafood packaging, and fruits and vegetable packaging. The stretch-roll for food packaging prevents the penetration of oxygen into the cellophane and preserves the glasses of foods and vitamins.

Synthetic Stretch Silphon (Stretch Palette):

The industrial stretch film is made of polyethylene materials and is characterized by flexibility, shrinkage and high resistance, anti-electricity to prevent the absorption of dust on nylon on other plastic products. Also, synthetic stretch is used extensively. It includes the packaging of food and industrial materials such as the manufacture of machines and various machines, the manufacture of car parts, the production of building materials such as ceramics, tiles, wallpaper, home furniture, and so on.

Cellophane rolls for packing:

Cellophane packaging is one of the methods of packaging and packaging, as it consists of cellulose, which is not a dangerous substance and is harmful to human safety. In order for the cellophane wrapping to have a bright shiny back and its resistance to gas and moisture, it attracts the attention of customers. The plastic wrap film like stretch wrap is used for both domestic and industrial applications. For example, for household uses, we can point out that the food wrapping roll helps to wrap high-quality food and food to preserve its freshness and from damage. Or the furniture packaging roll is used to wrap some places of the house to keep them from dust and damp. For this reason, when you move furniture from one place to another, the use of a transparent packaging roll prevents severe economic damage. Because the bag wrapping roll keeps furniture and appliances from blows and shocks during transportation. It takes into account that most of the food industries such as chocolate manufacturing factories, cookie factories, and…. They want to use a cellophane wrapping roll.

Air bubble plastic rolls:

The bubble roll is used to wrap furniture, appliances or machines, and unlike stretch rolls and cellophane rolls for packaging, it is not used for food packaging. So most of the furniture companies, machinery manufacturing factories, decoration, and electrical tools take advantage of the Bubbles rolls to reach the goods and products to the customer in complete safety. Also, a bubble wrap roll for glass is used to wrap objects, breakable household items, or items made of glass. In this way, the bubble roller can provide distinguished services to all industries.

The bottom line about food packaging roll:

Plastic roll for packaging and preserving foods from dust, dust, and moisture, multi-use, made of food-safe materials, suitable for daily use, withstand temperatures, heat, and cold and keeps food fresh and healthy.

Importing food packaging rolls from Turkey:

Nova Plus International Trading Company provides a service of manufacturing and supplying many products in the field of packaging, including food rolls and stretch palettes with the latest manufacturing and supply technologies. We provide our customers with many other services, including shipping and customs clearance. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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