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Import Dispensing Pump from Turkey

Dispensing Pump

SKU-3 is a powerful thrust pump specifically designed to handle viscous liquids including creams, soaps, lotions and gels 15cm long and Has a 37cm tube that can be cut to application

Spring Loaded Pump Dispenser

Importing 5 liter pump dispenser from Turkey

Features The 5-liter bottle dosing pump is a pump dispenser used in many fields. Nova Plus International Trading Company manufactures and exports it. Its advantages are:

  • 10ml of liquid is dispensed Cap closure made for bottles with 38mm apertures
  • Mechanics propelled by springs
  • Pump top and sturdy polypropylene casing
  • Easily insertable flexible polyethylene tube

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Specifications 38mm White 30ml Dosage Pump

Heavy-duty pusher pumps are designed to handle viscous liquids including creams, soaps, lotions, and gels. One such example is the Novaplus® SKU-3 spring pump dispensers. With its 38mm screw, it fits most 5 liter jerry cans. Use the durable SKU-3 Pump Dispenser at work in restaurants and hotels or in the industrial field in a packing shop. Each push releases a 30ml dose and when fully pressed can be held compactly or secured with a twist lock for later use.

What is the Pelican Pump Dispenser 30ml 5 Liter 38mm

The spring pump dispenser is sturdy and long lasting for use in commercial or industrial settings. A 30ml dose is dispensed with each stroke and when fully pressed can lock into place for product safety or compact storage. Simply rotate the lock the other way to release it, allowing the stainless steel spring-loaded pump to automatically expand to its full height again thus delivering the dose required for use.

Pump Dispenser for 5 Litre 38mm

Each spring-loaded pump dispensing unit made of ABS plastic releases a set amount of product each time it is squeezed. Can choose between several sizes and types (standard manual dispensing pump, spring-loaded manual dispensing pump, and adjustable barrel manual dispensing pump).

Regular Manual Dispensing Pump: Regular pump dispenses one ounce of product at full pressure. When not in use, the pump core keeps its compact size for storage. Gallon jugs with a 38/400 neck surface can be held with a standard pump. Manual Roller Dispensing Pump: When fully depressurized, the roller pump can be set to dispense 2 to 8 ounces of product. A 55-gallon drum with 34 or 2 holes can accommodate the Drum Pump. 1-gallon jugs with 38/400 neck finishes can be used with a spring pump. An extender to fit a 5-gallon pail is available.

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 Spring Loaded Pump Dispenser 58mm

Every effort has been taken by Novaplus® to guarantee the accuracy of the data at the time this Technical Data Sheet was published.
Before using the product, Novaplus® advises the user to do his or her evaluation to evaluate the product’s fitness for that purpose. Any loss, damage, or harm coming from the use of, or failure to abide
by, any suggestions or information provided herein, as well as from improper use of the material and any risks associated with it, will not be the responsibility of Nova plus International Trading.

Spring Loaded Pump Dispenser from Turkey

About Household Plastic Products Spring Loaded Pump Dispenser Nova Plus International Trading Company provides all necessary support in the field of importing products, starting from identifying the best suppliers, manufacturers, and products to help you make your business a success, choosing the best resources in the excellent All matters related to negotiations to obtain the best prices, ensure the receipt of goods, accompanying packaging, and external and internal shipments, which leads to the export of the product to the importing country with assistance in facilitating customs clearance and shipping from Turkey, as we have specialized experts within its services in the field of wholesale and import trade from Turkey, Nova offers Plus International Trading provides a unique range of services and other products. do not hesitate to contact us.

spring loaded pump dispenser

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