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Importing Detergents and Cleaning Materials from Turkey

Importing Detergents and Cleaning Materials Turkey is one of the most important industrialized countries in the world, and the demand for Turkish goods has increased significantly in recent years. The main Turkish items are handmade cleaning materials as a result of the great progress Turkey has made in high-quality manufacturing. Follow our next article to find out more if you are looking to import cleaning supplies from Turkey.

What is the financial guarantee when buying cleaning materials from Turkey?

Usually, the shipping company plays the role of the financial intermediary, so you have to deposit the value of the goods at the shipping company’s office in your country, and therefore the shipping company does not deliver the amount to the shipping company for cleaning materials until after receiving the required goods.

importing detergents and cleaning materials from turkey

What are the best places to sell detergents in Turkey?

There are many detergent companies in Turkey (of course, we offer a service company that manufactures and exports the cleaning materials you need at competitive prices). Still, you have to take some measures to ensure the success of the project, and these steps are as follows:

nova plus international tradingMarket study :

Before starting to import any product from Turkey to the local market, you must study your needs to know the volume of demand, supply, competitors, and prices of its products and the appropriate quantities. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to price their products and deal with the competition.

Why do we import Turkish cleaning materials?

Many companies  in Turkey are engaged in the production and manufacture of high-quality detergents and general detergents. The export prices of these products are excellent compared to export prices in other countries, in addition to low shipping costs due to its proximity between Turkey and the Arab countries, which means that the total cost of importing products will be low, meaning that they can be sold to local merchants at competitive prices.

importing detergents and cleaning materials from turkey

How do I contact detergent companies in Turkey:

Electronic or field research should be conducted if the opportunity arises to know the names and addresses of Turkish detergents and powders companies to communicate with them to know their prices, the services they provide, the lowest available quantities that can be provided, and the methods they rely on for shipping and supply in various countries of the world through the websites of these companies or from Through the personal files of these companies on the selling websites or by visiting the companies if the opportunity arises.

Manufacturing of cleaning materials in Turkey

You can search more to find the names and addresses of other companies, and if you are planning to visit Turkey, you can work on visiting those companies. If you have people you know in Turkey, they can help you find the names and addresses of some detergent production companies in Turkey to communicate with them.

Shipping costs, customs, and taxes:

Shipping costs vary from one country to another, so the Saudi importer will pay less shipping costs than the Sudanese importer, for example when importing from Turkey, the customs and taxes applied to goods imported from abroad differ from one country to another, so you need to calculate the shipping costs from Turkey to your country By communicating with different shipping companies as well as the Turkish sellers themselves so that they will undoubtedly know the best and cheapest shipping methods.

nova plus international tradingCleaning materials prices in Turkey:

Assuming that you want to import a thousand packages or bags of washing powder from Nova Plus International Trading Company, which offered you a suitable price, you can calculate the total import cost by adding the purchase price of the products plus shipping costs and the percentage of customs and taxes, of course, all the information we will provide to you.

To get the cost of buying a single package or bag, you divide the total import cost by 1000. Then you can add your price margin and make it 40% of the package price, then compare the package price then add the profit margin and reach for the detergent powders prices offered in the market within your country, if any If the price is reasonable you can start the import process and if it is a little high you can reduce your profit margin or find a way to reduce your purchases or shipping costs.

Detergents wholesale trade in Turkey

To legally import detergent powder, detergent, or any other type of product, you must have a small office and a secure warehouse with an area of at least 150 square meters. Then you can license an import and export company.

How to trade detergents in Turkey:

After licensing an import and export company, you are entitled to import any number of products, and it remains for you to know the import methods described below.

1- Travel to Turkey:

You can travel to Turkey for a week and visit the companies like our company that has been contacted online to follow up on the procedures closely. You can send the goods the best way and return them to your country to pick them up from the next port after paying the customs duties and taxes.

It should be noted that this import method is the best as the importer is aware of everything that happens from buying, handling, and shipping the goods. Still, the best is always the most expensive, so your trip to Turkey requires booking a flight and hotel for the duration of the stay.

2- Online purchase:

You can request the required amount through the company’s website or your profile on one of the popular commercial sites. Still, you must have experience and knowledge of how to buy online to avoid falling victim to a fraudulent seller or company.

importing detergents and cleaning materials from turkey

3- Appointing a purchasing evaluator:-

Many Arabs, mainly Syrians, Iraqis, and Palestinians, live in Turkey and work in Turkish companies. Some of them are responsible for communicating with Arab companies to export Turkish products.

Advantages of importing cleaning materials from Turkey

Turkey is distinguished by being one of the most important producers and manufacturers of detergents in the world and is characterized by the abundance of products that cover all fields, whether it is cleaning materials for hands, air fresheners, or raw materials for detergents in all its forms and types. Manufacture of homemade and environmentally friendly cleaning products using a vital mineral called “boron,” as Turkey accounts for more than half of the global market for “boron,” which is used in many industry sectors such as detergents, construction, cosmetics, and glass supplies.

importing detergents and cleaning materials from turkey

nova plus international trading

What cleaning materials does Nova Plus International Trading provide?

  • Turkish laundry detergents of all kinds

Turkey is famous for the production of cleaning materials of all kinds. These products are characterized by their refreshing smell. They produce different types of washing powders. There are whitewashing powders and powders for colored clothes. In addition to the availability of all these powders for different types of washing machines, there are washing powders in automatic washing machines and washing powders for manual use in addition to fabric softener and liquid. Dishwashers, hand sanitizers, floor fresheners, and more. These powders are produced with the highest quality and accuracy. They are characterized by their low costs due to the low cost of transportation due to Turkey’s proximity and important location among the countries.

  • Whitewashing powder: Turkish washing powder

Turkish products contain different types of powders, including whitewashing powder, and they are characterized by their low price, superior hygiene, high quality, and refreshing smell, and many people use them. They are also available in liquid form and are famous for removing the most difficult stains from the fabric of clothes without the slightest change in the color of white dresses.

  • Washing powder for colored clothes

Turkish powder products are undoubtedly not limited to white clothes. There are powders for colored garments that are distinguished by their advanced compound quality that removes yellow stains, making them closer to new clothes.

  • Turkish laundry freshener

Turkish Laundry Freshener products are fresh and sterilized using a blend of antibacterial and antifungal essential oils, such as lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. With a concentrated formula, it gives clothes a long-lasting fresh scent.

  • kitchen cleaning supplies

Cleaning the kitchen permanently is essential, as the lack of cleaning leads to the spread of harmful types of bacteria, and thus Turkey provides the different types that are used in cleaning the kitchen, such as the bleach that is used in many places on the floors of the kitchen sink, in addition to disinfectant sprays, cleaning surfaces, floor cleaners, and others, which are effective In eliminating germs that spread in the kitchen.

  • bathroom cleaning supplies

Turkey is famous for the quality and variety of bathroom cleaners in line with the wishes of customers. These products are distinguished by their relatively safe composition and concentration, allowing them to deal with various rust stains, material deposits, and dirt. It also does not harm surfaces and contains some disinfectants in its composition, which helps to get rid of unpleasant germs. Aromatherapy;

What are the services of Nova Plus International Trading Company for the import of detergents from Turkey?

With regard to cleaning materials products, Nova Plus International Trading Company provides all the necessary support in the field of exporting these products, starting from identifying the best suppliers, manufacturers, and products and choosing the best resources in Turkey, which is famous for its vastness, multiplicity, and options, and then arranging everything related to negotiations to obtain the best prices and arranging receipt of goods And the accompanying packaging and internal shipping operations, which leads to the export of the product to the importing country while facilitating customs clearance and shipping operations from Turkey by specialized experts.

Within its services in the field of wholesale trade and import from Turkey, Nova Plus International Trade Company offers a distinguished range of other services and products. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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