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Importing Washing Powder from Turkey 2022

Many of us think about starting a fast, easy and successful business that doesn’t need a lot of money. As a result, we discovered that importing Turkish automatic washing powder is one of the most successful companies. We all understand the importance of washing powders and detergents. After all, we rely on them to clean our clothes because we wash them constantly. As a result, we note that many import and export companies in many Arab countries buy washing powders and detergents from Turkey after communicating with Turkish companies. These companies then distribute the products locally to consumers.

Why is washing powder imported from Turkey?

Due to a large number of companies that produce washing powders and detergents there, their excellent quality and distinctive products, low transportation costs due to Turkey’s proximity to the Arab world, and export prices, Turkey is one of the most exporting countries for these products. It is very expensive in many other countries when compared to Turkish export prices. Since fewer things are generally imported, they can be sold to retailers and stores at a fair price, resulting in a strong and healthy net profit.

How to import washing powder to and correspond with companies in Turkey?

To interact with manufacturers and producers of detergents and washing powders and learn about their offers, prices, and sourcing capabilities, it is necessary to know their names and addresses. Business owners import from Turkey and then distribute their products to retailers and stores based on the size of their establishments, the volume of their transactions, and the markets they export to in different countries around the world.

Shipping costs and taxes for washing powder from Turkey

You should calculate the shipping costs from Turkey to your country, and you can also communicate online to know the customs and taxes for some powders and detergents, as we know that the shipping costs and the percentage of customs and taxes differ from one country to another. However, it is known that Turkey reduced customs duties for all Arab countries, which made shipping there cheaper than in other countries.

Marketing and selling washing powder to Turkey
nova plus international trading

Since the success of each project depends on its marketing strategy and percentage of sales, marketing is one of the most important fundamentals of the project.
To succeed in a series of actions, particularly in this endeavor, we must adhere to the following.

A suitable location for the project must be chosen and it must be commercial for the sale and purchase of clothing. Marketing strategies should be developed, including the use of e-marketing, which is done through Internet networks, and advertisements should be made. The purchase should be made at a favorable price, the sale should be made at wholesale prices and be lower than competitors’ prices so that customers are reluctant to buy from you. A feasibility study for a microfiber garment project has been conducted, and young people are encouraged to invest and provide them with goods. A large banner was also placed to attract customers to the project, and the goods were distributed through delegates to the cities adjacent to the project site to increase the percentage of sales and the percentage of sales. Profits that indicate the success of the initiative.

nova plus international trading

The main factors for the success of the washing powder project

Project success is affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • Be sure to import the largest quantity of automatic washing powder made in the best modern methods, which they then sell at less than the costs demanded by their competitors.
  • Choosing the ideal location for the project, hiring vendors outside the city, and increasing the marketing ratio
  • Take advantage of the latest deals offered by microfiber clothing exporters.
  • Follow the market prices and competitors constantly, and try to increase the percentage of sales to increase the percentage of profits
  • According to experts, this project is one of the most profitable projects to import washing powder.

Import automatic washing powder from Turkey 2022

nova plus international trading

What are the services of Nova Plus International Trade Company to import washing powder from Turkey?

About cleaning materials products, especially washing powder, Nova Plus International Trading Company provides all the necessary support in the field of importing products, starting with identifying the best suppliers, manufacturers, and products to help you make your business successful and choosing the best resources in the excellent Turkey, which is famous for its vastness, diversity, and options, and then organizing all matters Related to negotiations to obtain the best prices and ensure the receipt of goods and the accompanying packaging and external and internal shipping operations, which leads to the export of the product to the importing country with assistance in facilitating customs clearance and shipping from Turkey, where we have specialized experts within its services in the field of wholesale and import trade from Turkey, offering Nova Plus International Trading Company provides a unique set of services and other products. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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