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Turkish Cardboard Adhesive Tape

Specification Cardboard Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape made of high-quality materials that makes it durable and strong, which allows the cardboard boxes and others to be stuck firmly, and helps to save the items inside the boxes without losing, and it is wide, which contributes to providing its use for a longer period of time

It is transparent and glossy, allowing important information to be displayed without covering when packing cartons

Information about Cardboard Adhesive Tape

nova plus international tradingA transparent wide adhesive consists of glue and a hardening agent for the base material, and the glue and a thinner for the viscosity of the glue are included in it.

Specifications of Slotip Crystal Clear Adhesive Tape:

  • A roll contains 80 yards (73.15 metres)

  • High quality and durable adhesive tape for cardboard

  • Tape width 45mm

    We manufacture according to customer requirements

How to buy a transparent adhesive slip from Turkey

To complete the process of buying a transparent wide adhesive from Turkey, you must know two basic steps:

Choosing a distinguished company in the manufacture of transparent wide adhesive products

Beginning with this risk, the required type, measurements, and quantity must be determined and carefully chosen. To do this, a manufacturer of transparent adhesive tape must be chosen in Turkey, where many companies, including ours, are distinguished by the provision, manufacture and supply of many products, including transparent tape or the so-called wide transparent tape and all of that Very competitive prices

Choose a reliable shipping company

After you have purchased a quantity of a wide transparent adhesive from Turkey, you must choose a reliable shipping company and agree with it to ship the transparent sliptype, clear it customs, and solve all the required legal official papers, as Nova Plus International Trade provides the service of product manufacturing and supply

Prices of Cardboard Adhesive Tape

nova plus international trading

Turkey crosses one of the most important industrialized countries in the world, and has started in the countries of Europe and neighboring countries heavily on European products and supplying it to any country in the world

Wholesale transparent wide adhesive import from Turkey

Although there are many companies that manufacture different products, Nova Plus International Trading Company gives its customers multiple guarantees, including manufacturing a wide transparent adhesive according to the customer’s desire and giving him samples before starting work and upon completion of the transaction. The company provides all assistance and technical support to deliver the required goods from Turkey to any country in the world and provide customs clearance services and legal advice

Consultation form regarding importing from Turkey:

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