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idea about importing clothes freshener granules in Turkey

The detergent industry is involved in all kinds of different industries, and clothes freshener granules in Turkey are closely related to the consumer market and the high demand. Almost 10 hours today, we offer you at Nova Plus for International Trade the radical solution that lasts long and makes your clothes smell fresh and distinctive. In this article, we will take a look at all the information you need about our unique product

What distinguishes clothes freshener granules in Turkey

  1. Preserves the scent of clothes for over 112 weeks of freshness
  2. Can be used with all colors and fabrics of all kinds (sheets and towels)
  3. Safe to use in all cleaning devices
  4. Many scents are available according to the customer’s desire
  5. Control the intensity of the smell by adding more quantity to the washing machine
  6. It contains 3 times the ingredients of the well-known and widespread perfume in the market

Conditions for using clothes freshener granules in Turkey

If a small amount of PEG-containing pellet is inadvertently swallowed, there is little need for concern but a physician should be consulted immediately for advice but generally in terms of toxicity. There can be some slight irritation in the mouth as a drink of your choice should be given no more than 8 ounces for adults and 4 ounces for children however there is likely to be an upset stomach, nausea and possibly some vomiting. Never try to make someone vomit.

nova plus international trading

Instructions for using clothes freshener granules in Turkey:

ways to use:

  • Put clothes freshener granules in the washing machine to deep clean clothes, and then your favorite detergent to ensure the cleanliness, softness and protection of fabrics.
  • Garment freshener granules are placed in the washing machine as the washing begins, and before the clothes are placed, which helps to promote freshness for a long time
  • The scented granules dissolve during the wash cycle to penetrate the fresh scents into the fabrics of the clothes and achieve unparalleled freshness. As the clothes freshener granules are suitable for all colors and all types of fabrics and washing

The importance of manufacturing clothes freshener granules in Turkey

We do not hide that the manufacture of granules of clothes freshener in Turkey, such as this product, is carried out through machines dedicated to integrating cleaning materials with each other, but certainly behind these products that work in many different ways. It is primarily made of something that melts quickly and sticks to clothes to make them fresh as polyethylene glycol (PEG) 8000 is a common ingredient in laundry fragrance boosters. Polyethylene glycolate can be found in many everyday products. For example, PEG 3350 is a well-known laxative that is taken before a colonoscopy. The number after the name indicates the average molecular weight of PEG in the product. With an increase in the number, the toxicity of the product actually decreases. Numbers higher than PEG 3000 are not easily absorbed.

The most important types of clothes freshener granules in Turkey

Of course, there are many types and companies that manufacture the product, but what distinguishes Downy and Lenore freshener granules is the strength of the product and ease of use, as we at Nova Plus International Trading Company manufacture clothes freshener granules in Turkey and manufacture products in the name of the customer and based on the specifications that he renews

nova plus international trading

Prices of clothes freshener granules in Turkey (wholesale)

Garment freshener granules in Turkey differ from one supplier to another, depending on the shipping prices, specifications and quantity desired by the customer, in addition to the specifications requested by the customer. Therefore, it is very difficult to give you details about the price in light of the economic changes that the world is witnessing.

Ways and steps to import clothes freshener granules in Turkey

The clothes freshener granules in Turkey is the best and best solution for clothes of their colors and fabrics of the desired types, where you can order a quantity of granules of clothes freshener from our company at the best price and the highest quality. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for counter prices and product prices

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