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Importing Floor Freshener from Turkey: Types and Prices

Although floor fresheners and detergents are widely available in stores, which give floors a long-lasting smell, their main problem is that they contain dangerous chemicals.

Types of floor fresheners:

There are many types of floor fresheners, we will mention the most important as follows:

Multipurpose floor freshener

Ideal for all types of waterproof flooring surfaces such as vinyl, marble, tile, and epoxy-coated floors. However, it is not suitable for wooden floor surfaces. They are fairly basic with a pH range of 9 to 10.

Various floor freshener

It can be used not only for all types of floor surfaces but is also ideal for windows, mirrors, tiles, and other glass surfaces except wood surfaces. It is neutral or slightly basic with a pH range of 7 to 8.

Floor freshener to remove grease

Great for removing heavy deposits on industrial floors. It’s solidly basic with a range

pH from 12 to 13.nova plus international trading

floor freshener prices

The prices of air fresheners vary from country to country, where the diversity of products and the different specifications of each company produce different prices from each other, but it should be noted that the prices start from $5 for medium sizes, and the larger the size and the increase in its chemical specifications, the more expensive it becomes, as we offer in Nova Plus Trading Company Al Dawlia is a floor freshener manufacturing service with the specifications required by our customers and exporting it to any country in the world, taking into account that our customers obtain very competitive prices.

Floor freshener features:

  • Fresh deodorizer for all hard, water-resistant surfaces.
  • Leaves a pleasant, strong, and refreshing fragrance after cleansing.
  • It dries quickly and does not leave streaks or traces on the floor.
  • Powerful cleaner for marble, ceramic, and various types of floors.
  • A strong sterilizer, a germ killer, and a smart one at the same time, with only a few drops.
  • A wonderful and original perfume known and famous for its strong aroma.
  • It does not cause any allergies or suffocation because it does not contain harmful substances.

nova plus international trading

Why should you use a floor freshener?

Many uses should be used to remove odors, including:

The presence of pets in the house, as the latter causes the floors to smell foul due to urine and feces
Using poor quality detergents and products that can contribute to changing the smell of floors
Old food spills on the floor, dirt or food crumbs in hidden areas, or tight corners in rooms.
Cleanliness of tools used for cleaning floors s

Import floor freshener from Turkey

How does Nova Plus International Trade help you import floor fresheners from Turkey at competitive prices?

Nova Plus International Trading Company provides importers with everything related to importing goods and detergent products, such as packaging, shipping at reasonable prices, and customs clearance service

We are also keen on Nova Plus International Trade Company to provide all the requirements for the import process from Turkey with the possibility of securing different types and quantities required from a distance, and without the need for the importer to come to Turkey.

We also offer you the best of many different products in the Turkish field requested by our customers and from the most famous suppliers, with the possibility of securing your required goods, according to a working mechanism by our specialized team so that we ensure the best results are achieved at the lowest cost.

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